I. Paper Published

A short-list of conference papers published in journals. (Other conference papers published by Knowledge Forum in edited volumes, are listed under "BOOKS")


  1. Radeef Chundakkadan & Subash Sasidharan, (2020), Financial constraints, government support, and firm innovation: empirical evidence from developing economies, Innovation and Development, Vol. 10, Issue 3, pp. 279-301

  2. K. R. Shanmugam and Rakesh Nigam, (2020), Impact of technology on the financial performance of Indian commercial banks: a clustering based approach, Innovation and Development, Vol. 10, Issue 3, pp. 433-449

  3. Arup Mitra, (2020), Technological progress, innovation and employment: firm-level evidence from India’s manufacturing sector, Innovation and Development, Vol. 10, Issue 3, pp. 451-465 

  4. Ketan Reddy, Radeef Chundakkadan & Subash Sasidharan (2020), Firm innovation and global value chain participation. Small Business Economics, Published online: 

  5. Madan Dhanora, Ruchi Sharma & Manu Jose (2019), “Two-way relationship between innovation and market structure: evidence from Indian high and medium technology firms, Economics of Innovation and New Technology”,, Published online: 26 Mar 2019. 
  6. Madan Dhanora, Ruchi Sharma and Qayoom Khachoo, (2018) Non-linear impact of product and process innovations on market power: A theoretical and empirical investigation. Economic Modelling, 70 (3), pp. 67-77
  7. De Beule F., Van Beveren I. (2018). Sources of open innovation in foreign subsidiaries: An enriched typology. International Business Review28 (1), 135-147. 
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  10. Surenderrao Komera, Jijo Lukose, Subash S. (2018) Does Business Group affiliation encourage R&D activities? Evidence from India, Asia Pacific Journal of Management , Vol. 35(4), pp 887–917. 
  11. Subash S., M Padmaja (2018) Do Financing Constraints Impact Outward Foreign Direct Investment? Evidence from India, Asian Development Review, Vol. 35(1), pp.108-132. 
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  22. Pradhan, Jaya Prakash and Neelam Singh, (2009) ‘Outward FDI and Knowledge Flows: A Study of the Indian Automotive Sector’, International Journal of Institutions and Economies, 1, No. 1, April 2009, pp. 155-186. 
  23. Subash S., Ramanathan (2007), FDI and Spillovers: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Industries, International Journal of Trade and Global Markets, Vol.1(1), pp.5-22. 

II. Collaborations 


III. Other Communications

  1. Policy Brief on Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Download
  2. Changing Nature of FDI
    1. Changing Nature of FDI: Need to Re-examine the Productivity Spillovers, N. S. Siddharthan
    2. A Note on Service Sector, Ashok Jain
    3. Discussion note, based on "The FDI Shift to Services- How does it Impact Asia?", Nadia Doytch
  3. Issues in Statistical Inference
  4. The Saga of the Delhi School of Economics A Sketch, K. L. Krishna

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Author Title Date Posted

Dev Nathan

Knowledge and Inequality: An Exploration

Filip De Beule The Impact of Industry 4.0 on FDI, MNE and GVC: A conceptual note 31-Mar-19
Pradeep Kumar Keshari FDI and Employment in the Era of Digitalization: Evidence from Developing Economies 31-Mar-19 
Kaushalesh Lal Employment and Technology in Indian Economy 31-Mar-19 
Nadia Doytch* Impact of Outward Foreign Direct Investments on Patent Activity of Greenfield Multinationals 31-Mar-19 
Nadia Doytch* Does Patent Ownership Increase Greenfield FDI activity of MNEs? 31-Mar-19 
Bino Paul* Micro Data and Macro Policy: The Case of Manufacturing Sector of India 31-Mar-19 
Bino Paul Employment, Technology, and Value Chain in Indian Leather Industry 31-Mar-19 
Radeef Chundakkadan Female entrepreneurship and innovation: role of gender equality 31-Mar-19 
Subash Sasidharan FDI, Labor Market, and Welfare: How Inequality Navigate Welfare Loss? 31-Mar-19 
Savita Bhat A study on differences in employment characteristics across the states in India 31-Mar-19 
Françoise Pardos The world in the next thirty years, hopes and fears 31-Mar-19 
Ashok Jain and M.K. Das Applications of statistical physics and stochastic processes in economics; A changing paradigm 13-Nov-17
K. Lal and Shampa Paul Paradigm shifts in information technology 13-Nov-17
Françoise Pardos Changing paradigms in the solar industry 13-Nov-17
Subash Sasidharan Broadband Adoption and Firm Performance: Evidence from Informal Sector Firms in India 13-Nov-17
Bino Paul Interplay of Technology and Labour Productivity: Emerging Story of Consumer Electronics in India 13-Nov-17
Filip De Beule Knowledge sources of innovation: An enriched subsidiary typology 13-Nov-17
Ruchi Sharma Innovation and competition in Indian medium and high technology industries 13-Nov-17
Santosh Kumar Sahu, Unmesh Patnaik and K. Narayanan Do knowledge spillovers attenuate R&D investment? Evidence from Indian manufacturing firms 13-Nov-17
Savita Bhat Determinants of R&D Behavior of Foreign Firms in India 13-Nov-17
K. Narayanan Paradigm shift in irrigation sector of Andhra Pradesh and its impact on irrigation efficiency and drought induced loss of crop productivity 13-Nov-17
Stanley Nollen Knowledge spillover mechanisms 13-Nov-17
Nadia Doytch The impact of foreign direct investment on the ecological footprint of a nation 13-Nov-17
Bishwanath Goldar  Country origin of FDI in India manufacturing and its impact on productivity spillover 13-Nov-17
K. Narayanan Is Intra-Industry Trade Gainful? Evidence from Manufacturing Industries of India 29-Aug-16
Savita Bhat ICT Investments and Growth of Small and Medium Firms: A Study of Food Processing Industry in India 26-Aug-16
Santosh Kumar Sahu Foreign Direct Investments and Business Cycle Co-movement: Evidence from Asian Countries 22-Aug-16
Nadia Doytch The Worldwide Shift of FDI to Services- How does it Impact Asia? New Evidence from Seventeen Asian Economies 22-Aug-16
K. Narayanan Pull factors of FDI: A Cross Country Analysis of Advanced and Developing Countries 22-Aug-16
Kaushalesh Lal Global Technologies and their Adoption in Higher Education in India 22-Aug-16
Ruchi Sharma Do foreign firms enjoy monopoly power under product patent regime? Study of Indian pharmaceutical industry 22-Aug-16
Anup Kumar Bhandari Does Export Intensity Affect Firm Performance? Evidence from Basic Metal Industry in India 22-Aug-16
K. Narayanan R & D Spillovers and in-house R & D intensity: A Study of the Electronic Goods Sector in India 14-Mar-16
Savita Bhat Determinants of ICT Investment Intensity: A Study of Food Processing Industry in India 14-Mar-16
Santosh Kumar Sahu The Tradeoffs between GHGs Emissions, Income Inequality and Productivity 14-Mar-16
Sujit Bhattacharya Missing Gaps in Indian Nanotechnology Development: Exploring Effective Policy Interventions for Innovation and Commercialisation 14-Mar-16
Bino Paul Inter linkages between technology and livelihood: a case of furniture industry in India 14-Mar-16
Bino Paul How acute is skill scarcity in Indian Manufacturing? Emerging Contours 17-NOV-15
Bishwanath Goldar Reduction in Carbon Emissions Intensity among Indian Manufacturing Firms and its Impact on their Export Competitiveness 11-NOV-15
Subash Sasidharan Does Financing Constraints Matter for Outward Foreign Direct Investment Decision? Evidence from India 14-OCT-15
Saon Ray Upgrading in the Indian garment industry: a study of three clusters  12-OCT-15
K. Narayanan Regional Diversity of Development in India: Agglomeration, Skills and Access to Capital 11-OCT-15
Santosh K. Sahu Productivity, Energy Intensity and Output: A Unit Level Analysis of the Indian Manufacturing Sector 11-OCT-15
K. Narayanan Agriculture Intensification Population Growth and Cropland Expansion: Evidence From Post-Green Revolution Andhra Pradesh 11-OCT-15
K. Lal New Educational Technologies in Higher Education in India: Degree of Adoption and Sustainability 11-OCT-15
Savita Bhat Information Technology Investments and Export Performance of Firms: A Study of Pharmaceutical Industry in India 11-OCT-15
Pradeep Kumar Keshari Spillovers from FDI and Decision to Export by the Domestic Firms: The case of select Indian industries 11-OCT-15
Kaushalesh Lal

ICTs as Enabler in Higher Education

Bino Paul

Socio-economy of Mobile Phone Ownership in India

Santosh K. Sahu

Impact of Agricultural Related Technology Adoption on Poverty: A Study of Select Households in Rural India

Bishwanath Goldar Foreign Investment in Indian Industrial Firms and Its Impact of Firm Performance 24-OCT-14
Vinish Industrial Policy, Structural Change and Technology Gap: A study of Indian Pulp and Paper industry 15-OCT-14
Santosh Kumar Sahu Environmental Certification and Technical Efficiency: A Study of Manufacturing Firms in India 13-OCT-14
Vidhisha Vyas Does M&A matter for R&D? Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Sector in India 11-OCT-14
Savita Bhat Determinants of inter-state differences in Economic Development: Exploring the Role of Innovative Efforts 02-OCT-14
Subash Sasidharan Does Business Group Affiliation Encourage R&D Activities? Evidence from India 30-SEP-14
K. Lal Environmental Consciousness, Size and Intensity of ICT Adoption in Two Industrial Clusters 22-SEP-14
N. S. Siddharthan University  Industry Collaborations 14-SEP-14
PRADEEP KUMAR KESHARI Foreign Multinationals and Domestic Enterprises: Comparison of their Technological and other Characteristics in the Indian Machinery Industry 11-AUG-14
Ruchi Does patenting influence firms efficiency and productivity? : Evidence from Indian high and medium-tech firms 11-AUG-14
Ashok Jain Complexity Measure in time-series data: Application to Commodity Export and Research Publication Data 11-AUG-14
ARUP MITRA Innovation and Employment: A Firm Level Study of Indian Industries 11-AUG-14
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal Acquisition of technological capabilities through the clean development mechanism: some quantitative explorations 11-AUG-14
Santosh Kumar Sahu Exports and Participation in Clean Development Mechanism [CDM] in Technology Intensive Industries in India 16-OCT-13
K. Narayanan Outward FDI, Firm Heterogeneity and Technological Efforts: A Study of Indian Manufacturing 16-OCT-13
PRADEEP KUMAR KESHARI Role of Technological and Knowledge Resources and Capabilities in Firms Decision to Export 12-OCT-13
Jaya Prakash Pradhan The Geography of Patenting in India 12-OCT-13
Filip De Beule Is acquiring knowledge a good idea? Innovative capabilities of Indian companies in cross-border acquisitions 09-OCT-13
ARUP MITRA Total Factor Productivity and Technical Efficiency of Indian Manufacturing: The Role of Infrastructure and Information & Communication Technology 20-AUG-13
Vinish Do policies influence FDI in wind energy? Analysis across Indian states 19-AUG-13
K. Lal Institutions and Innovation 15-AUG-13
Ruchi Innovation by firms in high and medium-high technology industries: an Indian experience 12-AUG-13
Bishwanath Goldar Direction of Outward FDI of Indian Manufacturing Firms: Influence of Technology and Firm Productivity 12-AUG-13
Subash Sasidharan Financing Constraints and Investments in R&D: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms 07-JUN-13
K. Narayanan Econometric Estimation of Technical and Environmental Efficiency: An Application to Chemical Industry in and around Mumbai 21-NOV-12
K. Narayanan Mergers & Acquisitions, Technological Efforts and Exports: A Study of Pharmaceutical Sector in India 21-NOV-12
Santosh Kumar Sahu CO2 Emission from Fossil Fuel Consumption and Technology Intensity: A Study of Indian Manufacturing Industries 21-NOV-12
Karuna Jain  Innovation and Competitiveness among the Firms in the Automobile Cluster in Pune 16-NOV-12
K. Narayanan  Productivity Heterogeneity and Exports: A Study of Indian Manufacturing Industries 16-NOV-12
Pardos  Technology intensity and innovations in the next thirty years 15-NOV-12
Bishwanath Goldar  R&D intensity exports: A study of Indian pharmaceutical firms 14-NOV-12
Bino Paul What makes micro enterprises perform in a jewellery cluster? Seeing space for Computer Aided Designing (CAD) 08-NOV-12
Filip De Beule The Reasons for and Impact of the Internationalization of Research and Development: The Case of Indian Multinationals. 08-NOV-12
G D Sandhya Role of S&T and Innovation policies in transforming the National Innovation System in China: Lessons for India 08-OCT-12
Jaya Prakash Pradhan Exports by Indian Manufacturing SMEs Regional Patterns and Determinants 06-OCT-12
PRADEEP KUMAR KESHARI Technological determinants of competitive advantage in the indian machinery industry 26-SEP-12
A.S.Rao INDIA: a fab-less wonder: case of SMDP 26-SEP-12
Neelam Singh Technological Efforts and Global Operations: Indian Auto Component Firms 31-AUG-12
K. Lal Export Orientation and Firms Policy during Global Economic Slowdown 24-AUG-12
ARUP MITRA Technology Intensity and Global Competitiveness: Issues in Labour Cost and Employment 16-AUG-12
Xiaolan Fu Intra- and Inter-national University-Industry Linkage and Innovation in Emerging Economies: Evidence from China 18-JUN-12
K. Narayanan Energy Intensity and Firm Performance: Do Energy Clusters Matter? 13-NOV-11
Haiyan Zhang Geographical agglomeration of Indian and Chinese multinationals in Europe: A comparative analysis 12-NOV-11
Ilke Van Beveren Location and network determinants of technology-seeking versus technology-exploiting FDI 07-OCT-11
Filip De Beule Localization, globalization and networks of foreign subsidiaries 20-SEP-11
RAKESH Knowledge Flows and Capability Building in the Indian IT Sector: A Comparative Analysis of Cluster and Non-Cluster Locations 18-SEP-11
Bino Paul Labour Market in Urban Agglomerations: A case from an Indian Global City 12-SEP-11
Vinish What causes Agglomeration?  policy or infrastructure  A study of Indian manufacturing industry 04-SEP-11
Bishwanath Goldar Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillover: An Evaluation across Different Clusters in India 03-SEP-11
Saon Ray Opening Indias Garments sector to South Asia 01-SEP-11
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal Productivity Dynamics in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Evidences from Plant-level Panel Data 01-SEP-11
ARUP MITRA Urbanization in India: Evidence on Agglomeration Economies 16-AUG-11
Uday Bhanu Sinha Understanding NREGA: A Simple Theory and Some Facts 23-NOV-10
K. Narayanan Labour and Energy Intensity: A Study of Pulp and Paper Industries in India 21-OCT-10
Vinish Human Capital and Manufacturing Productivity Growth in India 15-OCT-10
K. Narayanan ICT enabled teacher training for Human Capital Formation: A Study of IIT Bombay Initiative 15-OCT-10
V.N.balasubramanyam Human Capial and Development: A Tale Of Two Cities; The Software Sector in Bangalore and Hyderabad 08-OCT-10
Bino Paul Does change in S & T explain dynamics in Human Capital? An enquiry into Emerging Trends in Nursing Labour Market 06-OCT-10
Bishwanath Goldar Informalization of Industrial Labour in India: Are labour market rigidities and growing import competition to blame? 24-SEP-10
TIFAC Government mediated program on intensifying industry- academia linkages for human resource development; Experiences of an innovative model from TIFAC 22-SEP-10
Vinish Link between Exporting and Productivity: Firm Level analysis for Indian Chemical Industry 11-SEP-10
Filip De Beule Locational determinants of acquisitions by multinationals from China and India: The role of human capital 08-SEP-10
Rashmi Banga Impact of Remittances on Poverty in Developing countries 30-AUG-10
Savita Bhat Human Capital, Labour Productivity and Employment 30-AUG-10
ARUP MITRA Skills, Informality, and Development 13-AUG-10
K. Lal Measurement of the Impact of Relocation on Employment 13-AUG-10
PRADEEP KUMAR KESHARI Comparative Performance of Foreign Affiliates of Multinational Enterprises and Domestic Firms in the Indian Non-Electrical Machinery Industry: Applica 18-JUN-10
K. Narayanan Vulnerability and Coping to Disasters: A Study of Household Behaviour in Flood Prone Region of India 14-MAR-10
Dr Sunil Mani The Flight from Defence to Civilian Space: Evolution of the Bangalore Aerospace Cluster 14-MAR-10
Bishwanath Goldar Energy Intensity of Indian Manufacturing Firms: Effect of Energy Prices, Technology and Other Firm Characteristics 14-MAR-10
Kaliappa Kalirajan Impact of Trade Liberalization on Technical Efficiency of Vietnamese Manufacturing Firms 14-MAR-10
Jaya Prakash Pradhan R&D Strategy of Small Firms in India: Trends and Determinants 14-MAR-10
K. Lal Non-Technological Innovations and Performance 18-FEB-10
Uday Bhanu Sinha Patent protection and Southern innovation: a strategic analysis 18-FEB-10
Vinish Manufacturing an engine of growth in India - Analysis in the post-nineties 18-FEB-10
Rashmi Banga Indias Exports of Software Services: Role of External Demand and Productivity 18-FEB-10
N. S. Siddharthan Science, Technology and Economy  Overview of the Sessions 12-OCT-09
Kannan Moudgalya Free and synchronous course delivery at IIT Bombay 12-OCT-09
V.N.balasubramanyam Science, Technology and Development: The Case of Indias Investments Abroad 12-OCT-09
T. Jayaraman Does India need a Bayh-Dole type Act? - Misplaced Priorities in STI Policy 12-OCT-09
Prof M V Rane Green Technologies Related to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 05-OCT-09
Stanley Nollen Innovation in Indian and Chinese Software Firms 30-SEP-09
Vinish Catching-up or falling behind - Role of S&T in growth of emerging economies 29-SEP-09
Subash Sasidharan MNEs and Export Spillovers: An Analysis of Indian Manufacturing Industries 14-SEP-09
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal The STPI scheme and Competitiveness of Indias IT industry: Historical Analysis and a Future Outlook 08-SEP-09
Bino Paul What Factors Make a World Small? A Case of Economics 08-SEP-09
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal Evaluating Innovation in Health Care Services: Impact of Yeshasvini Health Insurance Programme on Health Care Utilisation among Women 20-AUG-09
Enrique Saravia State-owned companies and their use as instruments of scientific and technological policy. The brazilian case 10-AUG-09
K. Lal Entrepreneurship and Technological Change in Malaysian SMEs 10-AUG-09
Filip De Beule Multinational ownership and R&D intensity 11-JUL-09
Saon Ray International technology diffusion and productivity 23-APR-09
N. S. Siddharthan Determinants of R&D: Lessons from Literature 20-FEB-09
N. S. Siddharthan Globalisation of Knowledge Development and Delivery: 06-OCT-08
K. Narayanan FDI and R & D in the Pharmaceutical Sector in India 06-OCT-08
Jaya Prakash Pradhan Outward FDI and Knowledge Flows: A study of the Indian Automotive Sector 02-OCT-08
K. Narayanan Technology Sourcing and Internationalisation of IT firms in India 24-SEP-08
Aya Okada Innovation through Long-distance Conversations? Lessons from Offshoring-based Software Clusters in Bangalore 23-SEP-08
N.Mrinalini R&D Internationalisation: With Special Reference to Indian Information Technology Sector 20-SEP-08
Wilfred Dolfsma Innovation Systems as Patent Networks 15-SEP-08
K. Lal Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategies in ICT SMEs in Enlarged Europe (EU25) 12-SEP-08
Pardos Growing Industrial Interconnections and Globalised Companies 10-SEP-08
Y.S Rajan Globalisation of Knowledge Development and Delivery: Technology and Policy Perspectives 10-SEP-08
Xiaolan Fu International and Intranational Technological Spillovers and Productivity Growth in China 08-SEP-08
Bino Paul Concentration in knowledge output to social network: evidence from India 07-AUG-08
Filip De Beule R&D, Product Renewal and Clusters in Belgium 20-JUL-08
Anja Schmiele Drivers and Effects of Internationalising Innovation by SMEs 25-JUN-08
N. S. Siddharthan Factors Influencing the Performance of Indian and Chinese Software Firms 15-FEB-08
Bino Paul Viewing Economy as a Network: An Exploration through Input Output Model 03-NOV-07
Haiyan Zhang The Growth of Chinas Automotive Industry: A Challenging Process in the Nexus between Localisation and Globalisation 30-OCT-07
Pushpa Trivedi Productivity in Manufacturing Sector: A Comparative View of India and China 29-OCT-07
Stanley Nollen Labor Productivity and Cost in Indian and Chinese Software Firms 29-OCT-07
Filip De Beule The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in the Internationalization of Innovation: China and India compared 25-OCT-07
Arindam Banik Foreign Capital inflows to India and ChinaA Tale of Two Economies 24-OCT-07
K. Narayanan Determinants of R & D in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector: A firm level study of outward investors 23-OCT-07
K. Narayanan Technological Efforts and Performance of IT MNCs from India 23-OCT-07
Professor B. L. Pandit Inter-firm differences in FII portfolio investment in India 28-SEP-07
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal SEZs, Technology Spillovers and Industrial Diversification : Evidence from 28-SEP-07
Vinish Entry Choice of Indian Multinationals  A Transaction Cost Analysis 31-AUG-07
K J Joseph Information Technology and Productivity Evidence from Indias Manufacturing Sector 29-AUG-07
Jaya Prakash Pradhan National Innovation System And The Emergence Of Indian Information And Software Technology Multinationals 29-AUG-07
N. S. Siddharthan International Alliances and the Performance of Indian Software Firms 29-AUG-07
Neelam Singh Quality Management System Standards and Being OEM/ Tier Exporter: Determinants for Indian Auto Component Firms 29-AUG-07
U.Sankar Environmentally Sound Technologies For Sustainable Development Of China And India 29-AUG-07
Soumitra Biswas Innovation Management  An Indian Experience 29-AUG-07
Dr Sumon Bhaumik Policy, Economic Federalism and Product Market Entry: The Indian Experience 28-DEC-06
Subash Sasidharan MNC Subsidiaries and Technology Diffusion in Late Industrialising Countries: A comparison between Argentina and India 17-NOV-06
G Baskaran Scientific Developments: A Vision 04-OCT-06
Aya Okada Small Firms in the Indian Software Clusters 04-OCT-06
T T Sreekumar Decrypting E-Governance: Narratives, Power play and Participation in the Gyandoot Intranet 02-OCT-06
K. Narayanan Technology Acquisition and Competitiveness: Evidence from Indian IT Industry 28-SEP-06
p v indiresan Investment for a Technology Future 27-SEP-06
Sandip Sarkar Employment in ITC in India 22-SEP-06
Haiyan Zhang Chinas Pharmaceutical Industry: Cluster Typologies and Characteristics 22-SEP-06
K. Lal Small Islands, New Technologies and Globalization: A Case of ICT Adoption by SMRs in Mauritius 19-SEP-06
Dr(Ms) Seema Singh Employment at High-end IT Enabled Services 19-SEP-06
ARUP MITRA Imported Technology and Employment: Evidence from Panel Data on Indian Manufacturing Firms 19-SEP-06
Professor B. L. Pandit MNEs, Product Differentiation, Skills and Employment: Lessons from Indian Experience 19-SEP-06
A.S.Rao Sub-National Innovation network 27-APR-06
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal Strengthening the Export Competitiveness of firms in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 25-MAR-06
Subash Sasidharan Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Spillovers: Evidence from the Indian Manufacturing Sector 13-FEB-06
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal Liberalisation, Technology Policies and Acquisition of Technological Capabilities : A Study of Indian Industry 07-DEC-05
Filip De Beule Backward linkages of foreign subsidiaries in Guangdong: A country of origin analysis 23-NOV-05
K. Lal SMEs and New Technologies 04-MAY-05
Dr. Aradhna Aggarwal The Influence of Labour Markets on FDI : Some Empirical Explorations in Export Oriented and Domestic Market Seeking FDI Across Indian States 28-APR-05
Stanley Nollen Software and Hardware in India and China:How the Firms Differ 06-APR-05
Professor B. L. Pandit Liberalisation, Efficiency Wage and Employment in India 21-FEB-05
Lakhwinder Singh Globalization, National Innovation System and Response of Policy 06-JUL-04
K. Narayanan India and Anti Dumping under the WTO 03-MAR-04
Ramesh Chand Impact of Trade Liberalization and related Reforms on India?s Agricultural Sector, Rural Food Security, Income and Poverty 10-DEC-03
Pushpa Trivedi Globalizaton and Trade Dispute Settlement in WTO:Implications for Developing Countries with Special Reference to the India 03-DEC-03
N. S. Siddharthan Liberalisation, MNE and Productivity of Indian Enterprises 26-AUG-03
Saon Ray MNEs, Strategic Alliances and Efficiency of Firms: Emerging Trends in the Liberalization Era 26-AUG-03
Rashmi Banga Differential Impact of Japanese and U.S. Foreign Direct Investments on Productivity Growth: A Firm Level Analysis 26-AUG-03
A.S.Rao Technology acquisition and Managing Technology Discontinuity 26-AUG-03
Anil Bharadwaj Reforms and Small Scale Industries in India 14-JUN-03
N. S. Siddharthan Liberalisation and Growth of Firms in India 10-SEP-02

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Hosted by: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, 18th March, 2016

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X Annual Conference: November 27-28, 2015

Co-organiser: Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE)

Host Institution: National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore

Conference Theme: Technology, Growth and Sustainability

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Workshop on “Harnessing Technology for Challenging Inequality” at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai 7th March, 2015

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IX Annual Conference, October 27-29, 2014

Co-organiser: Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE)  

Host Institution: National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore

Conference Theme: “Technology: Corporate and Social Dimensions

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VIII Annual Conference, October 25 – 27, 2013

Hosted by: IIT Bombay

Conference Theme: Emerging Technologies and Development

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VII Annual Conference, November 30 - Dec. 2, 2012

Hosted by: Symbiosis International University, Pune

Conference Theme: Technology Intensity and Global Competitiveness

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The Sixth Annual Conference, November 18-20, 2011

Hosted by: Goa University, Goa

Conference Theme: Agglomeration, Technology Clusters and Networks

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Workshop on Academic Ethics

Organised by Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing & Institute of Mathematical Sciences at the Institute Mathematical Sciences (IMSc) Chennai, July 15-16

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Fifth Annual Conference

Science, Technology and Economy: Human Capital and Development. (IIT Bombay, November 11-12, 2010)

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Conference and Ph.D Workshop on, Frontier Issues in Technology, Development and Environment”
(Annual Conference of IASSI hosted by MSE and supported by Knowledge Forum)
Venue: Madras School of Economics, March 19 -21, 2010

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International Conference on Science, Technology and Economy: Emerging and Developed Countries.
Venue: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, 9-10 October, 2009

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Conference on "Globalisation of Knowledge Development and Delivery"

Venue - Institute for the Study of Industrial Development (ISID), Delhi, October 17-18, 2008 

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Conference on Globalisation of Chinese and Indian Enterprises

2 - 3, November 2007, Venue IIT Bombay

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Seminar on India and Globalization
[A Seminar in Honour of Professor N.S. Siddharthan]

1 February 2007
RIS Conference Hall, Core 4B, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

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*Seminar on Knowledge Based Industries, Employment and Global Competitiveness
(October 6-7, 2006)

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Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing (Knowledge Forum) is a specialised, interdisciplinary global forum. It deals with science, technology and economy interface. It aims at providing a platform for scholars belonging to different institutions, universities, countries and disciplines to interact, exchange their research findings and undertake joint research studies. It is designed for persons who have been contributing to R&D and publishing their research findings in professional journals. Its registered office is housed at the Institute for Human Development (IHD), New Delhi. However, its members and office bearers are from various institutions and countries (see the list of Governing Council Members) and function from their respective institution. Knowledge Forum was registered on August 25, 2005. We regularly hold annual conferences where the members present their research papers, share research findings with other members and interact. Knowledge Forum annual international conferences have been well attended and the papers have been of high quality.

At present, there is no inter-disciplinary forum for persons belonging to different disciplines like business schools, economics, basic sciences and technology to interact, collaborate and share their knowledge on the problems involved in technology creation and transfer, and other issues relating to global business. It was felt that in the current era of globalisation and fast technological change the creation of such a forum is vital.

Economists have been working on themes relating to technology creation and transfer without having an in-depth knowledge of science and technology. Likewise, technologists have also been working on these themes without much or any knowledge of their economic viability. Therefore, some of us felt the vital need for a forum where technologists and social scientists could meet and interact. The membership to the Forum is open to all scholars who have been publishing in refereed professional journals.

The most important part of our website is the folder on “Research Papers”. All the registered members are allowed to submit their research papers. The submitted papers are refereed (peer-reviewed) and the accepted papers are uploaded on the website. Placing the paper on our website does not prevent the authors from publishing it in any journal. These are considered similar to working papers and not as publications.  We have now about 250 research papers on the website. eSocialSciences has also been giving wide publicity to our papers and programmes. In addition to research papers, we also have folders on conference papers where presentations by non-members are also placed and one on Commentaries wherein members share important developments in science, technology, economy and research methodology. We also have a folder on Books where our publications are listed with abstracts. 

Conferences/Seminars held

We have been regularly holding our annual conferences. The participation rates in the conferences have been high.





October 11-13, 2019

IIT Madras, Chennai

Technology and Economy


November 16-18, 2018

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Technology and Employment

Book by Springer Nature India Ltd. Forthcoming

August 11, 2018

MSE Chennai

Technology and Development

Select papers in Innovation and Development, Routledge

February 24, 2018

Centre for Policy Studies, IIT Bombay

FDI: Issues and Policy

Policy Brief

November 10-12, 2017

NCDS Bhubaneswar

Changing Paradigms in Technology, Trade and Development

Book by Springer Nature India Ltd. Forthcoming

December 3-5, 2016

IIT Madras

Globalisation of Technology and Development

Book by Springer

March 18,2016

IIT Bombay

Creation and Diffusion of Technology

Book by Springer

November27-28, 2015

NIAS Bangalore

Technology, Growth and Sustainability

Different Professional Journals

March 7, 2015

TISS Mumbai

Harnessing Technology for Challenging Inequality

Book by Springer

October,27-29, 2014

NIAS Bangalore

Technology: Corporate and Social Dimensions

Book by Springer and some papers in Journal of Industrial Statistics

October 25-27, 2013

IIT Bombay

Emerging Technologies and Development

Book by Springer

November 30 - 2,December, 2012

Symbiosis, Pune

Technology Intensity and Global Competitiveness

Special issue of Innovation and Development, Routledge

November 18-20, 2011

Goa University

Agglomeration, Technology Clusters and Networks

Special issue of Science, Technology and Society, Sage

July 15-16, 2011

Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Academic Ethics

Report in Current Science


November 11-12, 2010

IIT Bombay

Human Capital and Development

Book by Springer and some papers in Contributions to Indian Social Science

March 19 -21, 2010

MSE, Chennai

Frontier Issues in Technology, Development and Environment

Special issue of Science, Technology and Society, Sage

October 9-10, 2009

TISS Mumbai

Science, Technology and Economy: Emerging and Developed Countries

Different Professional Journals

October 17-18, 2008

ISID, Delhi

Globalisation of Knowledge Development and Delivery

Different Professional Journals

November 2-3, 2007

IIT Bombay

Globalisation of Chinese and Indian Enterprises

Book by Routledge

October 6-7, 2006

IHD and IIC, Delhi

Knowledge Based Industries, Employment and Global Competitiveness

Book by Routledge


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