2019 Conference Papers

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Sl No. Paper Title Author(s)
1 Impact of internationalization on innovation: A patent analysis Filip De Beule and Joren Nevens
2 FDI and International Collusion Uday Bhanu Sinha
3 Business Group Affiliation and FDI Spillovers Alex Eapen, Jihye Yeo and Rejie George
4 How do micro/small enterprises organise waste in India: a scenario of common purpose or a tragedy? Bino Paul, Unmesh Patnaik and Kamal Murari
5 Factors affecting and farmers’ perception of the adoption of water-saving irrigation technologies in semi-arid states in India Geetha Mohan, Ranjeeta Mishra, Kensuke Fukushi, Rimba A. Besse, Ram Avtar, Lakshmi Narayana Perarapu, Saroj Kumar Chapagain, and I Made Sudarma
6 Plastic Recycling Clusters in India: Material Flows and Technological Capacities of Recycling firm Aravindhan N and Jayaraman T
7 The triad of Labour, Innovation and Enterprises: emergent scenarios in South Asia K. Narayanan, Bino Paul and Unmesh Patnaik
8 Innovation and Global Value Chain
Participation: A Firm-Level Investigation
Ketan Reddy, Radeef Chundakkadan and Subash Sasidharan
9 FDI, Trade and CO2 Emission in the Era of Digitalisation: An Empirical Study on Asia and Pacific Developing Countries Madhabendra Sinha, Anjan Ray Chaudhury and Partha Pratim Sengupta
10 Innovation Capabilities in Renewable Energy in India: The case of Marine Energy Avinash Kshitija and Kasturi Mandala
11 Upgrading Destruction? How Do Climate-related and Geophysical Natural Disasters Impact Sectoral FDI Nadia Doytch
12 Determinants of OFDI of Manufacturing Firms from India to the Developed Countries within OECD Savita Bhat
13 International Subsidiary closure in the software service sector: The experience of Indian software services multinationals Khanindra Ch. Das
14 Modeling Complex Behavior of Financial system: Effect of Time-delayed Feedback Ashok Jain and M. K. Das
15 Statistical Investigation of Financial time series: Indicators for long term correlation Anindita Bhattacharjee
16 Application of Asymptotic Stability Analysis to Price Dynamics L. M. Saha
17 Firm Ownership, Technological Efforts and Productivity: A study of Information Technology Firms in India Asmita Goswami and K. Narayanan
18 Firm-Level Externality and Production
Effects in Indian Manufacturing Sector
Prantik Bagchi and Santosh Kumar Sahu
19 Technological Progress and TFP Growth: An Empirical Analysis of the Indian Commercial Banks Mohammad Shahid Zaman and Anup Kumar Bhandari
20 Trade Reforms, Technology Import and Productivity in Indian Manufacturing Firms R. Rijesh
21 Technology and Export Performance of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Comparative Study of Foreign MNCs and Domestic Companies Anurag Anand
22 IPR institutions, Innovation activities and Developmental Implications of IP Asset Intensive Industries Beena PL and Siddik Rabiyath
23 Economic Liberalisation and the Development of Molecular Diagnostics Industry in India: An Innovation System Perspective Nidhi Singh

2018 Conference Papers

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Sl. No.

Paper Title


Access Type


The Impact of Industry 4.0 on FDI, MNE and GVC: A conceptual note

Filip De Beule and Ysabel Nauwelaerts



FDI and Employment in the Era of Digitalization: Evidence from Developing Economies

Madhabendra Sinha, Pradeep Kumar Keshari, Partha Pratim Sengupta and Anjan Ray Chaudhury



Employment and Technology in Indian Economy

Shampa Paul and Kaushalesh Lal



Impact of Outward Foreign Direct Investments on Patent Activity of Greenfield Multinationals

Giulia Valacchi  and Nadia Doytch



Does Patent Ownership Increase Greenfield FDI activity of MNEs?

Nadia Doytch and Giulia Valacchi



Sustainability of energy supply in islands: Business opportunity and Innovation

Kensuke Fukushi, Akira Sakata and Geetha Mohan



Water management systems and its impact on employment opportunities in small and medium sized cities (SMCs) in Asia

Geetha Mohan, I Made Sudarma, Kensuke Fukushi, Andi Besse Rimba, Saroj Chapagain, Yoshifumi Masago, Tetsuro Fujitsuka and Takahiro Osawa



Evaluation of Solid & Liquid Waste Management (SLWM) technologies and examination of their impact on environment and employment

Nikhita Pathak



Micro Data and Macro Policy: The Case of Manufacturing Sector of India

Bino Paul, Unmesh Patnaik, Santosh Kumar Sahu and Mansi Awasthi



Employment, Technology, and Value Chain in Indian Leather Industry

Bino Paul, Unmesh Patnaik, Jaganth G. and Kamal Kumar Murari



Tools, Techniques and Skill Sets for an Era of Data Driven Governance

Poornima Dore, Paresh Manohar and Shruti Parija



Female entrepreneurship and innovation: role of gender equality

Radeef Chundakkadan and Subash Sasidharan



FDI, Labor Market, and Welfare: How Inequality Navigate Welfare Loss?

Arfat Ahmad Sofi and Subash Sasidharan



A study on differences in employment characteristics across the states in India

Savita Bhat



The world in the next thirty years, hopes and fears

Françoise Pardos



Technology and Education Strategy for Sustainable Rural Employment in India

Chiranjib Sen



 I. Paper Published

A short list of conference papers published in journals. (Other conference papers published by Knowledge Forum in edited volumes, are listed under "BOOKS")


  1. Madan Dhanora, Ruchi Sharma & Manu Jose (2019), “Two-way relationship between innovation and market structure: evidence from Indian high and medium technology firms, Economics of Innovation and New Technology”, https://doi.org/10.1080/10438599.2019.1596575, Published online: 26 Mar 2019. 
  2. Radeef Chundakkadan & Subash S (2019): Financial constraints, government support, and firm innovation: empirical evidence from developing economies, Innovation and Development, DOI: 10.1080/2157930X.2019.1594680
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  6. Surenderrao Komera, Jijo Lukose, Subash S. (2018) Does Business Group affiliation encourage R&D activities? Evidence from India, Asia Pacific Journal of Management , Vol. 35(4), pp 887–917. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10490-017-9530-3 
  7. Subash S., M Padmaja (2018) Do Financing Constraints Impact Outward Foreign Direct Investment? Evidence from India, Asian Development Review, Vol. 35(1), pp.108-132. 
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  10. Subash S, Jijo Lukose, Surender Rao Komera (2015), Financing constraints and investments in R&D: Evidence from Indian manufacturing firms, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.Vol.55(1), pp.29-39. 
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  13. Singh, Neelam, (2013), 'Influence of Outward-Foreign Direct Investment and Technological Efforts on Exports: Indian Auto Component Firms', Innovation and Development, 3(2): 205-221, October 2013. 
  14. De Beule F. (2012). A dynamic perspective on subsidiary strategy in China. Science Technology and Society, 17 (3), 365-383.
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  18. Pradhan, Jaya Prakash and Neelam Singh, (2009) ‘Outward FDI and Knowledge Flows: A Study of the Indian Automotive Sector’, International Journal of Institutions and Economies, 1, No. 1, April 2009, pp. 155-186. 
  19. Subash S., Ramanathan (2007), FDI and Spillovers: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Industries, International Journal of Trade and Global Markets, Vol.1(1), pp.5-22. 

II. Collaborations 


III. Other Communications

  1. Policy Brief on Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Download
  2. Changing Nature of FDI
    1. Changing Nature of FDI: Need to Re-examine the Productivity Spillovers, N. S. Siddharthan
    2. A Note on Service Sector, Ashok Jain
    3. Discussion note, based on "The FDI Shift to Services- How does it Impact Asia?", Nadia Doytch
  3. Issues in Statistical Inference
    1. https://priceonomics.com/the-guinness-brewer-who-revolutionized-statistics/
    2. http://www.socialsciencespace.com/2016/03/statistical-association-takes-on-use-abuse-of-p-values/
  4. The Saga of the Delhi School of Economics A Sketch, K. L. Krishna

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2017 Conference Papers

Sl. No Title Author(s)
1 Country origin of FDI in India manufacturing and its impact on productivity spillover Bishwanath Goldar and Karishma Banga
2 The impact of foreign direct investment on the ecological footprint of a nation Nadia Doytch
3 What explains surge in FDI inflows? Evidence from developing countries Jagadish Prasad Sahu
4 Knowledge spillover mechanisms Stanley Nollen
5 Do firms innovate when they can relocate? Evidence from the steel industry Francois Cohen, Helena Ting and Giulia Valacchi
6 Declining energy intensity in the pulp and paper industry in India: Does traditional and advanced inputs use make a difference? Sandeep Kumar Kujur
7 Paradigm shift in irrigation sector of Andhra Pradesh and its impact on irrigation efficiency and drought induced loss of crop productivity Amarendra Pratap Singh and K. Narayanan
8 Implications of International harmonization of IPR on growth, TFP and welfare Sunil Kumar Ambrammal
9 Determinants of R&D Behavior of Foreign Firms in India Savita Bhat
10 Do knowledge spillovers attenuate R&D investment? Evidence from Indian manufacturing firms Santosh Kumar Sahu, Unmesh Patnaik and K. Narayanan
11 Innovation and competition in Indian medium and high technology industries* Madan Dhanora and Ruchi Sharma
12 Knowledge sources of innovation: An enriched subsidiary typology* Filip De Beule and Ilke Van Beveren
13 Interplay of Technology and Labour Productivity: Emerging Story of Consumer Electronics in India Bino Paul and Mansi Awasthi
14 Broadband Adoption and Firm Performance: Evidence from Informal Sector Firms in India Kausik Chaudhuri, Rajesh Raj S. N., and Subash Sasidharan
15 Changing pattern  of global production process: an analysis of Indian manufacturing industries Swati Mehta
16 Trade liberalisation, import of capital goods and export performance: evidence from the organised manufacturing sectors in India R. Rijesh
17 Impact of free trade agreements on foreign direct investment in India Vani Archana
18 Changing paradigms in the solar industry Françoise Pardos
19 Patent and scientific progress  Lipika Sahoo
20 Paradigm shifts in information technology K. Lal and Shampa Paul
21 Applications of statistical physics and stochastic processes in economics; A changing paradigm Ashok Jain and M.K. Das



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2016 Conference Papers

Sl. No. Title Author(s)
1 The Worldwide Shift of FDI to Services- How does it Impact Asia? New Evidence from Seventeen Asian Economies

Nadia Doytch and

Merih Uctum

2 Does Quality of Innovation, Culture and Governance Drive FDI? : Evidence from Emerging Markets

P.N. Kayalvizhi and 

M. Thenmozhi

3 Pull factors of FDI: A Cross Country Analysis of Advanced and Developing Countries

Indrajit Roy and

K. Narayanan

4 Innovation, Product Life Cycles and Intellectual Property Rights Protection: What is the Best Place to Invent Something Giulia Valacchi
5 Firm Capabilities and Productivity Spillovers from FDI: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms

Sanghita Mondal and 

Manoj Pant 

6 Innovation Consolidation Nexus: Evidence from India’s Manufacturing Sector Beena Saraswathy
7 Employment Growth in The Face of Exchange Rate Volatility: Role of FDI & Technology Anubha Dhasmana

Technological Change and Energy Efficiency: Understanding the Linkages in India’s Pulp and Paper Industry

Sandeep Kumar Kujur
9 Global Technologies and their Adoption in Higher Education in India

Kaushalesh Lal and 

Shampa Paul

10 Do foreign firms enjoy monopoly power under product patent regime? Study of Indian pharmaceutical industry*

Madan Dhanora and 

Ruchi Sharma

11 Growth Effects of Economic Globalization: A Cross‐Country Analysis Sovna Mohanty
12 Does Export Intensity Affect Firm Performance? Evidence from Basic Metal Industry in India

Vipin V and 

Anup Kumar Bhandari

13 Foreign Direct Investments and Business Cycle Co-movement: Evidence from Asian Countries

Unmesh Patnaik and 

Santosh K. Sahu 

14 ICT Investments and Growth of Small and Medium Firms: A Study of Food Processing Industry in India

Navyashree G. R. and 

Savita Bhat

15 Outward FDI and Cross-Border M&As by Indian Firms: A Host Country-Level Analysis Beena P L
16 Is Intra-Industry Trade Gainful? Evidence from Manufacturing Industries of India Sagnik Bagchi, Surajit Bhattacharyya and K.Narayanan
17 India in the International Production Network: The Role of Outward FDI Khanindra Ch. Das 
18 What makes enterprises in auto component industry perform? Emerging role of labour, information technology and knowledge management

Bino Paul, Jaganth G, Johnson Minz, and

Rahul S.

19 Board Characteristics, Ownership Structure and Technological Efforts in Emerging Market Firms: The Case of India

Surenderrao Komera, Subash Sasidharan, and

Jijo Lukose P. J.

20 Does FDI inflows crowd-out domestic investments in developing countries M. Shanmugam
21 Knowledge Transfer from Multinationals through Labour Mobility: Learning from Export Experience

Jaan Masso and

Priit Vahter

22 Using Time Series Data to Discern Organizational Learning Capability for Responding to Innovation and Change

Ashok Jain and

M. K. Das

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