Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing (Knowledge Forum) is a specialised, interdisciplinary global forum. It deals with science, technology and economy interface. It aims at providing a platform for scholars belonging to different institutions, universities, countries and disciplines to interact, exchange their research findings and undertake joint research studies. It is designed for persons who have been contributing to R&D and publishing their research findings in professional journals. Its registered office is housed at the Institute for Human Development (IHD), New Delhi. However, its members and office bearers are from various institutions and countries (see the list of Governing Council Members) and function from their respective institution. Knowledge Forum was registered on August 25, 2005. We regularly hold annual conferences where the members present their research papers, share research findings with other members and interact. Knowledge Forum annual international conferences have been well attended and the papers have been of a high quality.

At present there is no inter-disciplinary forum for persons belonging to different disciplines like business schools, economics, basic sciences and technology to interact, collaborate and share their knowledge on the problems involved in technology creation and transfer, and other issues relating to global business. It was felt that in the current era of globalisation and fast technological change the creation of such a forum is vital. Economists have been working on themes relating to technology creation and transfer without having an in-depth knowledge of science and technology. Likewise technologists have also been working on these themes without much or any knowledge of their economic viability. Therefore, some of us felt the vital need for a forum where technologists and social scientists could meet and interact. The membership to the Forum is open to all scholars who have been publishing in refereed professional journals. We have about 250 registered members belonging to different disciplines and institutions and countries. 

The most important part of our website is the folder on “Research Papers”. All the registered members are allowed to submit their research papers. The submitted papers are refereed (peer reviewed) and the accepted papers are uploaded on the website. Placing the paper in our website does not prevent the authors from publishing it in any journal. These are considered similar to working papers and not as publications.  We have now more than 152 research papers in the folder. Research Papers folder of our website plays a crucial role. It helps scholars from diverse fields to identify other scholars belonging to other disciplines but working on similar issues and themes. By examining the papers in our website, scholars who are interested in interdisciplinary studies can identify scholars from other disciplines for academic collaboration. The papers posted in our folder have already received several citations. Furthermore, eSocialSciences has also been giving wide publicity to our papers and programmes. In addition to research papers we also have a folder on Case Studies wherein members share important case studies in science, technology and economy. We also have a folder on Books where our publications are listed with abstracts.

Conferences Held

  • “Harnessing Technology for Challenging Inequality” at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai March 2015. Select papers to be published by Springer
  • Technology: Corporate and Social Dimensions”, at National Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS) Bangalore October, 2014. One set of papers published by Journal of Industrial Statistics  and other set by Springer.
  • Emerging Technologies and Development” at IIT Bombay, October 2013. Select papers to be published in an edited volume by Springer.
  • Technology Intensity and Global Competitiveness”, at Symbiosis International University, Pune, December, 2012. Select papers published in the special issue of the journal Innovation and Development, Routledge.
  • Agglomeration, Technology Clusters and Networks”, at Goa University, November  2011. Select papers published in the special issue of the journal Science, Technology and Society.
  • Workshop on Academic Ethics at the Institute Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, July 2011.
  • Human Capital and Development, at IIT Bombay, November, 2010. One set of select papers published by Springer and another set published in the special issue of the journal, Contributions to Indian Social Science.
  • “Frontier Issues in Technology, Development and Environment” at Madras School of Economics, March 2010. One set of papers published in the special issue of the journal Science, Technology and Society and another set in Contributions to Indian Social Science.
  • Science, Technology and Economy: Emerging and Developed Countries”, at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, October 2009, papers published in different professional journals 
  • Globalisation of Knowledge Development and Delivery”, Institute for the Study of Industrial Development (ISID,) Delhi, October 2008, papers published in different professional journals
  • “Globalisation of Chinese and Indian Enterprises”, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, November  2007. Select papers published, by Routledge.
  • “Knowledge Based Industries, Employment and Global Competitiveness”,at India International Centre, New Delhi, October  2006. Select papers published by  Routledge.

 Latest News

X Annual Conference: Papers Uploaded in the Conference Paper Page

The Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing, in association with Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), invites you to the X Annual Conference during November 27-28, 2015 at National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), Bangalore on the conference theme “Technology, Growth and Sustainability”.

 Please see more information at the conference webpage